Medrar Medical Center


In 2011, Medrar carried out a socio-economic and well-being survey in one of the districts in South Lebanon, where around 60% of its inhabitants, particularly youth, resort to drugs as a result of unemployment and poverty. The elderly segment of the population residing within this district also live alone and suffer from critical medical conditions, without any form of welfare support.

As part of a healthcare initiative, Medrar initiated the Medrar Medical Center project (MMC) in 2012, in the region of Choukine, Nabatiyeh. The objective of the MMC is to counter the social and health issues pertinent to the Southern district of Lebanon and its surrounding villages and cities. The MMC project, in affiliation with the American University of Beirut Medical Center, will be fully operational as of 2021, consisting of an Oncology center, Cardiology center, Ophthalmology and ENT center, Substance Abuse and Psychiatry center, a Geriatric center and a public communal interaction center.

The project emphasizes on the social integration side of substance abuse rehabilitation, dignified elderly treatment practices, medical care, communal activities and cultural events as well as the paramedical care system to cater for the dwellers, refugees and the neighboring communities. MMC will abide by the most up to date regulations regarding its environmental sustainability and plans to certify it with LEED Gold.

The MMC aims to provide quality healthcare access at affordable prices to local and vulnerable communities along with displaced individuals and refugees. Furthermore, MMC intends to take treatment and rehabilitation beyond just medical treatments by allowing patients to be more responsible through psychiatric sessions and taking part in social activities/events as an essential vector to the healing process. It will provide elders with a dignified and pleasant residential setting with medical supervision. Just as important, it will raise awareness within the communities in Lebanon about the detrimental harm of drug abuse through coordinating with governmental institutions and NGOs in tackling drug addiction.

Special Needs Fund

Medrar has set up a Special Needs Fund program for specific medical cases, offering patients and the disabled medical treatment and equipment in various areas throughout Lebanon, Palestine, Ethiopia and Somalia. Medrar supports vulnerable elderly, children, and individuals who have no social security net and are unable to afford treatment or doctor consultations. It also identifies medical centers and hospitals in semi-urban and rural areas that lack the financial resources to purchase up to date medical equipment. Following a thorough needs assessment, Medrar supplies the healthcare centers with the appropriate provisions required.

Through coordination with the civil society sector, Medrar plans to take in referrals for refugees and vulnerable people living in severe poverty to access medical treatment at MMC free of any charge.