Partners and Coordination

Medrar fosters productive partnerships with civil society actors and groups, local government authorities, universities and education centers, embassies, and international organizations.

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The Syria crisis has now entered its 7th year and its consequences have been devastating. Described as the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history

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Where We Work

Initiating from Lebanon, Medrar has implemented and is still involved in several humanitarian and development projects in Middle Eastern and African countries such as Palestine, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Mali, Niger and Zambia.

  • Ethiopia: In 2012, Medrar has begun building the Oasis Project; an educational institution catering for over 1,500 students and provided shelter for orphans in coordination with Karan Association, a local registered NGO.
  • Kenya: In 2013, Medrar has built several water boreholes in rural areas that supply over 1,000 people with clean water supply.
  • Lebanon: The founders of Medrar have been operational in humanitarian and development works since 2000. Initiating from Lebanon, Medrar has so far built the Tahrir School Complex and a University in Tyre, catering for more than 3.000 students and 300 orphans. Along the educational development projects implemented so far, Medrar is currently building one of its largest projects, the Medrar Medical Center in affiliation with the American University of Beirut Medical Center, to be fully operational in 2021. Medrar continuously engages in humanitarian works in Lebanon; from food distribution, water & sanitation, medical care to job creation and many more services to Lebanese vulnerable communities and to Syrian & Palestinian refugees.
  • Mali: Since 2013, Medrar has drilled several water boreholes in rural areas supplying clean water supply for more than 5,000 dwellers. Medrar has also provided medical supplies for medical centers that are in need of health equipment.
  • Niger: In 2012, under the title of “Clean Water for All”, Medrar initiated its project along with international NGOs to drill and provide clean water supply to locals living in harsh conditions. Medrar has built over 60 water boreholes in several areas in Niger, supplying clean water to more than 120,000 people. Medrar has also distributed food parcels and health equipment to enhance the livelihood of vulnerable communities.
  • Palestine: In 2014, Medrar supplied over 6 kidney dialysis machines to a local hospital for patients to use free of charge.
  • Somalia: During the drought emergency response in 2011, Medrar had a leading role among other Lebanese institutions in sending a relief airplane from Beirut to Mogadishu containing medicine and food aid in coordination with international NGOs. In 2012, Medrar has further built 5 water boreholes in dense rural areas in Somalia, supplying over 55,000 people with clean water.
  • Zambia: In 2013, Medrar has drilled water boreholes supplying over 1,000 people with clean water supply in coordination with local partners.